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Monday, March 14, 2005

That's a good list to be on

In a post taking on Maureen Dowd's silly harangue about the "silencing of women" in the world of opinions (and what does Dowd think she, herself, is? Chopped liver?), Michelle Malkin lists several conservative women bloggers. There are more even than she listed, my own blog being a case in point. Indeed, it seems to me that the internet is a marvelous medium for women -- of either political stripe -- who want to get their voices out there. It's a forum entirely under the author's control, there are no deadlines (although a dormant blog dies a natural death), and the only editor is the woman's own sensibility. In the marketplace of ideas, assuming she can put herself out there, she will stand or fall on her own merits -- which is as it should be -- without an editor serving as an intermediary between her and her reading public (if any). Certainly, I have my favorite female bloggers, whom I list here in alphabetical order. (This list may not be complete. There may be blogs I routinely visit without having any idea that the blogger is female). A Place to Talk About War Crossing the Rubicon Gee Dubya PalmTree Pundit