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Friday, March 11, 2005

Free speech for me but not for thee (thanks to Nat Hentoff for this phrase)

First, read this:

At Bowling Green State University, a graduate student in their esteemed philosophy program defended a thesis entitled: “In Defense of Terrorism: When is it Permissible to Target Children?
Then read this:
While students are guaranteed the freedom of speech, LeMoyne College's recent actions against a student have raised questions of whether or not academic papers are the place to exercise this right. LeMoyne College expelled Scott McConnell, a student from its Masters of Education program, for writing a paper in which he advocated the use of corporal punishment in schools, he said. The paper, written for a class on classroom management, originally earned McConnell an A-. However, when he attempted to enroll in classes for the spring semester, he found he couldn't.