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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Courtesy of Colorado taxpayers

“When I started out it was ‘U.S. out of Vietnam,’ and then that was changed and it became ‘U.S. out of Indochina,’ and then it became ‘U.S. out of Southern Africa,’ and it was ‘U.S. out of the Caribbean and Central America,’ and then it became ‘U.S. out of the Persian Gulf.’ I agreed with every one of those, but ultimately there's only one way that any of them will be possible and that is: US out of North America, U.S. off the planet, and take Canada with you when you go!” [Emphasis mine.]
These words come to you courtesy of a 2004 speech by Ward Churchill, who currently owes his income to Colorado taxpayers. In this carefully researched article, Jacob Laksin effectively exposes the radical, hate-filled, anarchic Ward Churchill. This is America so, by all means, Churchill should not be muzzled. However, Americans ought not to be forced to pay for this kind of evil garbage. If he can make it on his own, without taxpayer subsidies, well, I guess his theories are good enough to survive in the marketplace of ideas. It's absolutely dreadful, though, that he should preach this kind of trash on the taxpayers' dime.