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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Understanding one member of the Axis of Evil

If you have a strong stomach and a driving need for accurate knowledge about the world, be sure to read this Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi article about the current situation in Iran. The article covers religious torture, unemployment, mafia-style corruption, increasing drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS problems, among other things. The first paragraph gives you a taste of what a powerful article this is:

Given Iran’s incessant foreign policy saber-rattling—including its continued development of nuclear weapons, support for Islamist terrorist groups, and facilitation of the terrorism in Iraq—it’s easy to lose sight of the horrifying domestic situation within the Islamic Republic. The mullahs have not only destroyed the lives of countless foreigners through their worldwide export of Islamic terror and extremism; they’ve also plunged the Iranian people into a violent, hellish abyss of torture, repression, hopelessness, drug addiction and despair.
The article also comes complete with an utterly heart-rending picture of a woman being prepared to be stoned to death. I just wish that the Frank Rich's of this world (see my earlier article about Frank Rich's idiotic attacks on America), people who believe America is irredeemably evil, could be brought to even some limited awareness of what evil really is.