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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Need a laugh

I just discovered that one of my all time favorite TV segments might be something you can download (I say "might" because I've been unable to connect, but you may be more lucky). Jay Leno has a segment on his show called "Jaywalking," where he asks people on the street simple questions to which they really ought to know the answers. The ones who don't -- and especially the ones who are wonderfully wrong -- end up on the Jaywalking segment. Leno's writers then had the brilliant idea of getting the three most ridiculously wrong Jaywalkers on the show and pitting them in a head-to-head contest. With luck, you can see that contest by clicking here. If that link doesn't take you anywhere, try this link and then scroll down until you find "The Battle of the Jaywalk Allstars."