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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

They do it differently in Holland

You have to have a Wall Street Journal subscription to see a very good WSJ article about the fact that Holland is thinking that, maybe, it should change its society so that it's no longer perceived (at least by Fox TV), as the place to go if you want drugs and hired sex. If you can, read the whole article. I share this with you, both as a reminder of what a good news source the WSJ is, and of what a crazy society once Puritan Holland is:

Dutch daily De Telegraaf reported this week that a court in the southern town of Breda sentenced an armed bank robber to four years in jail, ordering him to return the €6,600 he had had stolen. Nothing unusual about that. But here comes the Dutch twist. The criminal was allowed to deduct the €2,000 he had paid for the gun -- as a business expense so to speak.