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Monday, January 24, 2005

I wonder why Barbara Boxer hasn't opined about this

Considering her shock -- yes, shock -- that some Democrats had to stand in line to vote, I'm amazed at Barbara Boxer's silence about this story:

The sons of a first-term congresswoman and Milwaukee's former acting mayor were among five Democratic activists charged Monday with slashing the tires of vans rented by Republicans to drive voters and monitors to the polls on Election Day. *** The activists — all employees of the John Kerry (news - web sites) campaign — are accused of flattening the tires on 25 vehicles rented by the state Republican Party to get out the vote and deliver poll watchers Nov. 2. *** Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Seth Boffeli said the five were paid employees of Kerry's campaign, but were not acting on behalf of the campaign or party. "This is not something we engage in, or encourage. We had to make it clear that this is something these individuals were doing on their own," Boffeli said.
It's that last quote I love. I'm just terribly relieved to hear that the Democrats don't actively "encourage" criminal activity to get their candidates elected. Perhaps they just turn a blind eye to it when convenient. With moral standards like that from the party driving American educational policy (courtesy of the NEA), I guess we can have a much greater insight into why our schools are such moral vacuums.