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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dennis Prager takes aim at Summers' critics

As part of his challenge to America's moral collapse when it abandons Judeo-Christian values, Dennis Prager has taken aim at the ludicrous goings on surrounding Harvard Pres. Larry Summers' positing that it might be worthwhile inquiring whether biological differences between men and women account for women's failure to make significant achievements in the maths and sciences. Here's part of his article, which I would classify as a must read:

Over 100 Harvard professors signed a petition against President Summers, leftist alumni threatened to give no more money to Harvard, and the vast majority of Harvard's professors kept a cowardly silence while their colleagues sought to suppress completely respectable intellectual inquiry. Consequently, President Summers felt forced to apologize. In the year 2005, nearly four centuries after Galileo was forced to recant observable scientific facts about our solar system, the president of Harvard University was forced to do a similar thing. He was compelled to apologize for advancing an idea about men and women supported by scientific research and likely to be true. But for most professors, neither finding truth nor seeking wisdom nor teaching is the primary goal of the university; promoting leftist ideas is. Most Americans know this to be true -- hence the chasm between most Americans and the university. But many Americans do not wish to acknowledge this. To come to realize that the highest institutions of learning often do not value learning but seek to propagandize their children (largely against everything they, the parents, believe in) is too painful. Most people can't confront the fact that, unless their child is studying the natural sciences, they have paid huge sums of money for their child to be able to share bathrooms with members of the opposite sex, read columns in college newspapers about American evil and tongue techniques for better oral sex, binge drink and, with a few noble exceptions, be propagandized.
If you're the parent of a college-bound child, be scared, be very scared.