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Saturday, January 08, 2005

The real story behind the NY Times story

The NY Times does it again, and this time Beef always wins rides to the rescue with the truth:

LTG Metz gave a press conference here in Baghdad two days ago, and the main story I saw on it was a NYTimes piece brilliantly titled, 'Some Iraq Areas Unsafe for Vote, U.S. General Says,' based on his comment that 14 of 18 provinces are prepared for elections. Not surprisingly, the Times flipped the script, using a bar graph with the story to imply that the populations of the 4 provinces that LTG Metz said he is focusing his attention on would be unable to vote. The real story is more like this: The 4 troubled provinces' population is close to half of the country's population - true. These provinces are in complete chaos and the inhabitants will be unable to vote - false.
Definitely make a stop at Beef Always Wins for the whole story.