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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pure racism

David Limbaugh has a great post about the appalling racism that characterizes the Left:

Beyond the Boundaries of Common Civility No I'm not now referring to Senator Boxer's indescribably rude remarks to Dr. Rice, though I just as easily could be. I'm talking about NAACP chairman Julian Bond, telling an audience at Rowan University that the Bush administration is appealing to the 'dark underside of American society' and tampering with our basic constitutional freedoms. 'There is indeed a right-wing conspiracy and it controls the White House, Congress, Government, and most of the media.' But the comment that was way below the belt was Bond's vicious contention that President Bush has used Secretary Colin Powell and Dr. Rice as 'shields' to protect it from charges of racism.
There's more to the post, but this gives you the idea. I've been ranting (politely, of course) for years about the fact that liberals may mouth platitudes about racial equality, but their actions consistently demonstrate that they think people of color -- especially African Americans -- are inferior. This perceived inferiority takes the form of: (a) affirmative action; (b) shock that African-Americans could be capable of serving at high levels in government; (c) horror that African-Americans can come to political conclusions without NAACP directing those conclusions; (d) excuses for the disgusting sexism and racism of Rap on the grounds that young men basically can't help themselve (although Essence is finally challenging that); etc. Whenever liberals are given an opportunity to allow African-Americans to demonstrate that they are fully as capable as other citizens in this country, they slap them down. So I'm scarcely surprised to see that Bush is being attacked for doing what liberals fear to do: proving to minorities and to all others they racial differences really are only skin deep.