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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Maybe Hillary can be stopped

I find unnerving the thought that Hillary might be President (something Dick Morris, who knows her well, thinks is a real possibility) so I found some comfort in this post from Right Wing News:

On the other hand, Hillary has some significant weaknesses as well. First off, like Dukakis, Mondale, and Kerry, Hillary is a liberal, from a liberal state, with a liberal voting record. If there's one thing that the GOP has shown over the 30 years, it's that they can eat people like that for breakfast in Presidential elections. If you look at candidates the Democrats have won with from 1972 on, you see two Southern Governors who were perceived -- at least initially -- to be moderates. Carter was thought to be a moderate in 1976 and after he proved himself to be a liberal in office, he was destroyed by Reagan in 1980. Clinton was also believed to be moderate in 1992, but he immediately moved to the left after being elected, which helped to pave the way for the 1994 GOP takeover of the House. Clinton was only able to retain the Presidency by moving sharply back to the center in the following two years (Also, I would note that Perot's candidacy and two very weak GOP candidates helped Clinton get elected twice as well). Moreover, Hillary Clinton has some frighteningly high negatives at this stage for someone who wants to run for President. In a Rasmussen poll done back in December of last year, Hillary was viewed unfavorably by 42% of the public. As a point of comparison, according to Strategic Vision's polling, John Kerry had a ranking of 30% roughly two months before the election and finished just 1 point above where Clinton is now, at 43%, right at the end of the election. Now what is Hillary Clinton's unfavorable rating going to look like after being hammered with a year's worth of negative ads? Then there's the enormous amount of baggage she brings to the table from when her husband was President, her mercenary reputation, and her cold personality. Again, I'm not saying that Hillary can't win, but personally, I'd much rather see the GOP face Hillary in 2008 than a Democratic governor who's perceived to be a centrist, like Mark R. Warner out of Virginia or Bill Richardson from New Mexico. Hillary's a better candidate than a schlub like Kerry or a charisma-free windbag like Joe Biden, but she's very beatable...
I think January 20 was the last day on which Republicans who want to retain control over the body politic could be self-congratulatory and rest on their laurels. Hillary and Kerry are already positioning themselves for a run in 2008, and it would probably be a good time to begin working on their defeat. Juggernauts have a way of destroying the unwary, and I can easily see Hillary creating just that type of unstoppable momentum (with the help of a willing press, of course).