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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Oh, my! I'm a blog nerd!

Found this great one (which I import wholesale) over at Beef Always Wins, which in turn found it at Wes Roth:

Wes Roth points out "You might be a blogger if. . ." You know that “blogroll” is not the name of an exotic Thai food. At any given time, you have no less than three browser windows open. You think in half-thoughts and quotations such as “More below:” Hindrocket sounds like a perfectly reasonable name for a journalist to you, as opposed to the stage name of a porn star. You can’t remember the last time you actually heard news on television first. You roll your eyes everytime you see the MSM try to explain blogging to the masses because they screw it up so badly. It gets your dander up hearing the MSM refer to DU as a blog. Hmmm [adds ~rich, at Beef Always Wins] . . . how about if You get frustrated when a friend says, "you've got to read this article" and then hands you a magazine or newspaper. You proudly refer to yourself as part of the longtail. You've never met some of your best friends. You have your "favorites" folders set up by blog categories.
I'm not clever this way, so have nothing do add. I would check in at Beef Always Wins, though, if I were you, because the comments are already starting with more clever additions to this thread.