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Friday, January 28, 2005

Listen to your enemy -- and believe his expressed intentions

Stan Goodenough, a self-identifed South African gentile living in Israel expresses the same suspicion of and disgust with European and UN platitudes about the Holocaust -- and he uses it as a springboard to discuss the fact that the Middle Eastern countries are bristling with weapons aimed at Israel's annihiliation, even as the Western World keeps encouraging Israel to weaken herself. Read this whole op-ed. The following are just a few highlights:

This week, in what was described as an historic event, the people of the world represented by the United Nations held a special meeting to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. As reported by The Jerusalem Post , the event marked 'the first time that the United Nations [had dedicated] a session to memorializing the victims of the Holocaust.' The theme of Monday's special session was:'The evil which murdered six million Jews in the death camps still threatens us today.' Us? It never murdered 'us' in the death camps. It never rounded up and mass murdered any of the civilian nationals whose representatives sit in the General Assembly, nor does it threaten genocide against any of those nationals today. The theme should have read: 'The evil which murdered six million Jews in the death camps still threatens the Jews today.' For the hatred that drove men to incite against the Jews, demonize them, mark them for 'special treatment,' round them up in ghettos, herd them into trains and drive millions of them through the doors of the gas chambers, is alive and well in our 21st Century world. And many UN member states are infested with this unique hatred; this most enduring form of hatred --hatred of the Jew. *** Iran is pursuing an aggressive nuclear program, has expressed its determination to produce its own atomic weapons of mass destruction within the next few years, and has warned that, should Jerusalem try to sabotage this effort, it will immediately move to obliterate the State of Israel. This week the chief of Israel's Mossad warned that Iran's nuclear program was nearly past the point of no return. Syria, widely suspected of squirreling away Saddam Hussein's non-conventional weapons, is manufacturing its own VX Gas warheads to mount on its arsenal of SCUD missiles. Lebanon?s Hizballah has around 20,000 missiles aimed into northern Israel. Last July, the Syria-supported group took delivery of extended range missiles together with non-conventional warheads for some of its rockets. Saudi Arabia is bristling with the most advanced weapons systems in the world, and has refused to redeploy its US-made warplanes away from positions from which they can easily strike Israel, while the House of Saud is under constant threat of being overthrown in a coup that would see Islamic radicals taking control of its military machine. And Egypt, a country that has a peace treaty with Israel, and which is not militarily threatened by any of its neighbors, is upgrading its armed forces to the tune of billions of dollars, and holding war-games in which Israel is the enemy. A former Egyptian Minister of War has stated publicly that in the next Arab-Israeli war, Egypt?s peace treaty with Israel will go into the trash can, and his country will join its Arab brothers against the Jews. *** Since 1991, Israel has been under unrelenting pressure to relinquish control over strategic and historic central parts of its tiny land, in exchange for which it has been repeatedly promised peace. It is the determined intention of the entire world today, led by the United States, that Israel will let go of that land and allow on it the creation of another Arab state whose citizens are fully aligned in intent, with the rest of their Arab brothers, to destroy utterly what would be left of Israel. The world expects Israel to agree to withdraw behind a border that, at its waist, is just nine miles wide, with 75 percent of its population living in this narrow coastal plain beneath the looming high ground of what would be Palestine.
Israel is the canary in the coalmine. If we allow the forces of hatred and darkness to destroy it, the whole world will be plunged into an unimaginable place of darkness and evil.