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Thursday, December 16, 2004

She's mean, but she's good

Ann Coulter's at it again, this time with a wonderful riff against Mark Geragos, the attorney who represented Scott Peterson. The opening paragraph, which takes a swipe at Shrum, sets the tone:

Lawyer Mark Geragos should go into business with political consultant Bob Shrum and defend Sen. Arlen Specter's claim to the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They should advertise exclusively on MSNBC. Maybe they could even get Al Gore to endorse them and hire Howard Dean as their spokesman. Our motto: 'A HUMILIATING DEFEAT EVERY TIME -- OR YOUR MONEY BACK!' "
I found it especially amusing because it picks up on a theme Vince Bugliosi developed in his great post-O.J. trial analysis book, "Outrage." In the beginning of his book, he attacked the pernicious notion that O.J. had the "dream team" of trial attorneys and that the DAs were stellar legal lights. In fact, as Bugliosi pointed out (but the press never did), almost of them were either mediocre at the best of times or had done their best work decades before.