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Monday, December 27, 2004

Inflation strikes home

Not that I haven't been aware of inflation, but the following New York Times article about a website for associates trapped in the living hell of big law firms, shocked me by the second paragraph, simply because of its mention of the "$2,400-a-week" summer interns. In my days, summer interns were already grossly overpaid at $600 a week. As someone who has left that rat race, I can revel in the disgust of it all:

"HE lives at the law firm, blowing off his wife's dinner parties, not to mention the birth of his son. He finds no satisfaction in his work, but he is trapped by his high salary and partner title. He disdains everyone lower in the hierarchy: the smarmy $2,400-a-week summer interns, the idealistic associates who want to help poor people on company time, the associates who have the audacity to become pregnant and his incompetent secretary who broke the crystal plaque he received from a client. He is, in short, a petty, cynical, sexist, miserable, overpaid corporate creep. He is also fictional."
It's an amusing article, and worth the few minutes it takes to read. As we former big firm associates learned, golden handcuffs are still handcuffs.