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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Drat -- those nefarious Bush economic policies just keep helping the economy

There must be much gnashing of teeth amonst those (can we say "Paul Krugman," girls and boys?) who kept (and keep) saying that Bush is the disastrous president the American economy has ever seen, when they read something like this:

U.S. economic growth was stronger than previously thought in the third quarter because imports were less hefty than originally estimated, the government said on Wednesday, but corporate profits weakened. The Commerce Department said gross domestic product, the gauge of total goods and services production within U.S. borders, grew at a 4 percent annual rate in the July-September quarter instead of 3.9 percent. Third-quarter growth was a step up from the second quarter's 3.3 percent pace and implied steady and sustained expansion for the balance of 2004 and into next year. The economy has grown at rates above three percent for the past six quarters, setting a relatively robust pace that the Bush administration predicts will last. The White House last Friday forecast GDP will grow 3-1/2 percent in 2005, a rate seen as 'trend growth' that keeps unemployment from rising.
Maybe the American people, blessed even with a miniscule tax cut, are better at developing the economy than is the gulping, greedy, gargantuan American government.