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Monday, December 20, 2004

As always, Jeff Jacoby nails it, this time opining about a non-Christian being comfortable with Christmas displays

I think you'll see in an earlier post that I raved about my neighbors' taking the time to put up Christmas displays, which bring pleasure to everyone -- especially kids. Jeff Jacoby takes this idea and broadens it, to point out that, in a pluralistic society, this is a healthy religious display, and not something threatening that should be quenched. Some choice language from his article:

I enjoy Christmas decorations -- and Christmas music, and the upbeat Christmastime mood -- and I say that as a practicing Jew for whom Dec. 25 has no theological significance at all. I have never celebrated Christmas, but I like seeing my Christian neighbors celebrate it. I like living in a society that makes a big deal out of religious holidays. Far from feeling threatened when the sights and sounds of Christmas surround me each December, I find them reassuring. They reaffirm the importance of the Judeo-Christian culture that has made America so exceptional -- and such a safe and tolerant haven for a religious minority like mine.