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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Wondering what reaction will be in the face of this tragedy

The horrible boming in Mosul made me wonder about Americans' reactions in the upcoming days. My reaction is that the people who did this should be hunted down and squished like bugs. I suspect, though, that many Americans will feel that we've clearly hurt the radical Muslim's feelings, that they're letting us know how hurt they are, that we should apologize for putting them to this pain, and that we should go away. Considering that I believe those who write that our current poor relationship with radical Muslims derives, in part, from America's persistent habit of apologizing and running (a policy Jimmy Carter instituted in Iran), I can think of anything worse to do. Back in WWI, the British had a rather crude expression: the Hun is either at your throat or at your feet. They were pointing to the fact that Germany was hierarchical and binary: you were either top dog, or bottom dog. I think the radical Muslims are the same way and, if they're going to persist in that binary world-view, I'd rather have them at my feet than at my throat.