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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've got a cold which, I'm happy to say, is a rare event in my life, since it leaves me feeling like a wrung out dish rag. I burned up what little energy I had setting the house in order, and learned something about Mr. Bookworm in the process. Mr. Bookworm is less tidy than I am, something I occasionally find irritating. Today, I spent several hours putting away -- and throwing away -- stuff that had migrated to shelves and floors. Stuff like empty shoe boxes (that Payless Shoes is an enticing place when you have kids), old shopping bags, broken party favors, dirty clothes, empty backpacks and lunch bags, random items left over from ski trips, books, balls, GI Joes, beaded bracelets, etc. When I collapsed, exhausted, I congratulated myself on a necessary job fairly well done. My husband's comment: "Why'd you do that? It looked good before. It looks so sterile now." That explains so much.