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Monday, January 23, 2006

Iran and Syria

While many look at Iran right now and see a disaster waiting to happen, Michael Ledeen (like Mark Steyn before him) sees an opportunity. He writes that the increasingly open relationship between Iran and Syria is a sign of both tyrants' instability as the U.S. chews away at their control on the region. Even as to the nuclear threat, Ledeen sees reaso for to be optimistic:

Indeed, as I have long argued, the mullahs have made an enormous strategic miscalculation by going all-out for nukes, because it has made regime change in Iran an absolute imperative for the West. The closer they get to their first nuclear test, the closer the mullahs approach judgement day, and not in the way the fanatics around Khamenei and Ahmadinejad believe. They will not face the 12th Imam, but the harsh condemnation of their own people.
Of course, for a tottering tyranny to fall, it often needs a push. Ledeen thinks Western groups have an obligation, if through no other means but moral support, to let the ordinary people in Iraq and Syria know that, in fighting the tyranny of their leaders, they are fighting the good fight. Talking to Technorati: ,