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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Intellectual discourse from the Left continues to sag

One of the things David Horowitz, and his organization, Students for Academic Freedom, have been working on is an Academic Bill of Rights, aimed at ensuring that not just one viewpoint (waaaayy liberal) prevails on American campuses. There is no attempt to shut the Left down; it is simply aimed at ensuring that no one else is shut down either. The American Association of University Professors is up in arms at the attempt to enact a version of this bill in New York. What's so funny about their effort is how pathetic it is. They have the decency to include in the email they've sent around the Bill's language, which is moderate, temperate, and utterly biased in any direction. And here's their argument:

Can you please alert your colleagues and chapters to protest this bill coming out of the Higher Education Committee? A stance against it is a non-partisan educational issue insofar as 1. Many republicans/conservatives, liberals are as much against government interference in the lives of our citizens be they students and/or faculty members as democrats and members of the working families party. 2. When it ain't broke, don't fix it. 3 The Bill of Rights and its amendments also applies to Higher Education. Why this special delusional legislation?
That's it? They argue that even-handedness constitutes government interference? They contend without even an effort to support their statement that "it ain't broke?" And then, based on this stunning elevation of fact, logic and argument, they ask rhetorically "why this special delusional legislation?" I guess the resurgent conservative movement is lucky in its enemies. Imagine if they actually were as smart as they think they are.