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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

He hit me back first

Yet another bleeding heart medical group has pointed the finger of blame as Israel for yet another Palestinian problem:

Israel is undermining the Palestinians' health situation and Palestinian hospitals in east Jerusalem, a new report published Wednesday by the Doctors for Human Rights Association charged. 'The separation wall disconnects the Palestinian population in the West Bank from the first medical center in the occupied territories – the east Jerusalem hospitals, and places the hospitals' existence in danger,' the report said. A wide variety of medical services are provided in east Jerusalem, including oncological treatments, open heart surgery, heart surgery for children, eye surgery and orthopedics. According to the report, east Jerusalem has been disconnected from the rest of the territories over the years, and this separation reached a peak once the West Bank security fence was built.
There's more. Yada, yada, yada. Let me start by saying that I'm extremely sorry for people living in the territories who are forced to go without health care. But let's put blame where blame is due. Did the Israelis build the fence just for the heck of it? No. Did the Israelis build the fence because they couldn't think of a better way to spend billions of taxpayer dollars? No. Did the Israelis build the fence so as to sneer at sick Arabs denied access to medical care? No. This is why the Israelis built the fence: So let's get blame right here: Because violent segments within the Palestinian community have, for decades, been deliberately massacring Israeli citizens, Israel was forced to build a fence aimed at protecting her citizens from these attacks. A byproduct of this necessary step for Israel's national security is that ailing Palestinians are having a more difficult time reaching medical care. And, of course, the absence of good medical care in the Palestinian communities themselves is a result of the fact that leaders of the Palestinian Authority, although showered with billions of dollars from the international community to spend on the welfare of the citizens under their charge, embezzled almost every penny -- something made manifest by the fact that Yassar Arafat died possessed of an estate valued in excess of a billion dollars, money that would have built a lot of hospitals for his people. One other thing. Although the group making the report dresses itself in humanitarian medical garb, it makes no secret about its political affiliations. The report's concluding line is:
"It seems the ill are the ones who again pay the price for the political hopes of the Israeli government, which expects to safeguard its control of east Jerusalem, which was illegally annexed after the 1967 War."