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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The details of freedom

The American Thinker published a fascinating article by Magdi Khalil, an Arab journalist who writes in London and Egypt. I the article, originally written in Arabic for a Muslim readership, Khalil carefully details for his audience the complete freedom granted to Muslims in America just to be Muslim. Here are some examples:

1. Muslims are able to practice their religious rituals and celebrations freely, as well as openly maintaining and asserting their cultural traditions. 2. They are granted total religious freedom including the freedom to proselytize anywhere, even within the American prison system; a CNN report indicated that the ratio of prisoners who convert to Islam each year is 1:6. 3. Muslims have the right to establish Islamic schools, institutes and universities anywhere in the United States with no constrictions; the American government has even provided support to some of these institutions. 4. Muslims have the right to establish their own media, with no restrictions or particular conditions, whether they will operate in their own languages or in the English language. They also have total access to Arab and Islamic media in the form of newspapers, magazines and satellite channels, and though most of those are openly hostile to the United States, none of them have been banned by the US.
As I read them, I played a little mind game, where I made the exact same list for Christians and Jews in Saudi Arabia:
1. Christians and Jews are not able to practice their religious rituals and celebrations freely, and must hide their cultural traditions. Failure to do so can mean imprisonment and death. 2. Christians and Jews are not granted any religious freedom. They are especially barred from proselytizing anywhere, which can result in imprisonment and death. 3. Christians and Jews may not establish any religious schools, institutes and universities in Saudi Arabia. Doing so would result in imprisonment and death. 4. Christians and Jews are denied any access to their own media, and are routinely vilified in the Arabic media.You can play this little mind game with all 20 items in the list that Khalil provides of freedoms Muslims enjoy in America. You can also try moving this list to countries other than Saudi Arabia, such as Egypt. Saudi Arabia was simply the easiest to start with.