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Friday, December 16, 2005

A place to go to understand the NSA story.

Thank goodness I have smart friends in the blogosphere. I didn't comment on the story the NYT excitedly broke today, regarding allegedly improper NSA spying because I didn't have any chance to digest it. I've had the kids today -- and their friends -- and that seems to have shrunk my brain cells to a point where they're not processing anything more complex than getting dinner ready. Fortunately, I wandered on over to American Future, where Marc explains (a) the timing game the NY Times played (to undercut the election outcome) and (b) the essential dishonesty in a report that implies that the government has gone beyond allowable parameters for gathering information against those who wish to kill us. And he does it in a mere three paragraphs -- which is about all I'm capable of handling today. UPDATE: Marc Shulman has more.