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Saturday, December 03, 2005

'Cause I won't be posting much this weekend, it's your turn

This is a totally unoriginal idea, which I'm blatantly borrowing (stealing?) from Wizbang. Wizbang calls it Carnival of the Trackbacks. I'm going to call it something a little longer: "Since I've got the kids all weekend and probably won't be blogging, would you like to trackback one of your favorite posts here, so that people who visit my blog can see something that you think is intellectually exciting?" All you have to do is use this post's trackback feature for one of your favorite posts (old or new). Then, when people visit here this weekend, while they won't see anything scintillating from me, they can click on the trackback link and find scintillating stuff from you! I'll get the ball rolling my tracking back to one of my own favorite posts.