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Monday, November 07, 2005

A sad candidate for the Darwin Awards

Have you heard of the Darwin Awards? It's a tongue in cheek award given to those who, through absolutely paralyzing stupidity, cause their own deaths, and remove their genes from the population. Three young Bosnians tragically joined the group of Darwin Award nominees:

A hand grenade being used instead of a ball in a game of catch exploded early on Saturday killing three youths in this Bosnian town, police and news agencies said. Two youths aged 19 and 20, one of them from neighboring Croatia, were killed instantly while a 20-year-old woman died on her way to hospital, police said. Her sister was slightly injured but two other youths suffered serious injuries.
I don't want to make fun of this tragedy, but I have to ask -- Are there really so many people out there who are too dumb to live? Who in the world plays catch with a grenade? What complete cultural, educational or brain failure led to that one? Of course, as a parent, it reminded me of yet another life instruction I need to give to my children: never play catch with live weapons.