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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You go, Ah-nuld

I was already totally on board with Governor Schwarzenegger's initiatives on the November ballot but, if I'd been waffling, this Paragraph Farmer post on the subject would have made sure that I ticked the right box in the election booth. I think the validity of the propositions is self-evident, but I like how Patrick focuses on the shoddy, dishonest campaigns run by the unions against those same propositions. In this regard, I'll say that I believe that business untempered will be abusive (witness the time of America's great robber barons, who were both magnificient capitalists, and abusive, inhumane, dishonest men). The thing is, unions untempered are equally abusive. I think the pendulum is now in the latter direction and it's sucking away California's tax base, as it becomes more and more difficult to do business in this State. Where will all the fine union rhetoric be when the jobs are in Nevada and Mississippi?