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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

America the Beautiful

In the face of a worldwide epidemic of violent and ugly anti-Jewish thought, Ben Stein has penned a beautiful thank you note to America, the land that first gave Jews equality and dignity:

"In America, we get treated with dignity. We are, as Martin Luther King's dream went, judged by the content of our character -- no, better than that -- not by the prayers we say at night or who our ancestors were. "This is a miracle. In all history, it's a miracle beyond telling. This is the central fact of my existence. This is the central fact of all human existence: that in America, people respect each other despite race, religion, sex, age, despite all conditions of birth and heritage. This is a MIRACLE! "If we don't realize it, if we are not on our hands and knees with gratitude about it, we are insane. And if I do not feel grateful about my life, about the way I live as a Jew and an American, or as an American and a Jew, I am pitiful and lost."
Patrick, thank you for bringing this to my attention.