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Saturday, October 15, 2005

There's going to be a new look for police blotters soon

Police scolded a woman in Northern England was when, in response to their request that she describe the person who injured her in a hit-and-run accident, had the temerity to use the word "fat." No kidding, British police are now so politically correct that ordinary words are off limits:

A woman struck by a hit and run car driver in northern England said she was told off by a police officer for using the F-word to describe the driver -- "fat." Mary Magilton, 54, suffered cuts and bruises after being hit by the car which mounted the pavement while she was chatting with friends in Oldham and then drove off, newspapers reported on Friday. She reported the incident but was ticked off by a police officer when she said the driver of the car was a "fat" woman. "I was given a frosty look and told I couldn't say that. I could have said lardy, porky or podgy. But I wouldn't dare use those words," the Daily Mirror quoted her as saying. A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the description recorded on the police log of the incident did include the word "fat." "I don't think she was severely reprimanded," the spokeswoman said, adding GMP had a policy to ensure officers used "appropriate language" that would not cause offence.
I'm beginniner to envision the police blotter of the 21st Century:
Police are on the lookout for a serial killer. The killer is described as a person of gender, who represents one of the many races gracing this earth, is avoirdupois-ally challenged, and is believed to be differently abled in a very positive way.
That's helpful.