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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Murders and liars

In the wake of the Hadera bombing, Islamic Jihad announced that it did so to avenge the death of its military leader, Louai Saadi. As you may recall, the Nazis, if one of their soldiers was killed, would retaliate by slaughtering a village of civilians. Kind of like what happened here: a soldier was killed in a gun battle, and his army responded by slaughtering civilians (with a special emphasis on children, who were known to be on a school holiday). It turns out, though, that even this revolting Nazi-like explanation for an attack on civilians is untrue. I'm indebted to a friend for pointing me to the fact that the bombing was put in motion a week before it took place:

Hassan Abu Zeid 20, who murdered 5 Israelis and injured 30, when he detonated a large bomb at a falafel stand in the Hadera open market,on Oct. 26, left his home in Kabatya, Jenin, Sunday Oct. 16, ten days earlier – or Oct 17 at latest. He headed straight for a safe house prepared for him in an Israeli Arab village of the Triangle, which abuts the northern West Bank. This is reported by DEBKAfile’s exclusive counter-terror sources. This fact contradicts the Jihad Islami claim that the Hadera attack, like the Qassam missile bombardment, was staged in revenge for the death of its West Bank leader Louai Saadi, who died in a shootout with Israeli troops on Oct 24. The more likely triggers were the 10th anniversary of the liquidation of the Jihad Islami founder Fathi Shkaki by the Mossad in Malta and the gigantic Jerusalem Day march planned in Tehran and Beirut for Friday, Oct. 28.
You can find more information here.