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Sunday, September 11, 2005

What do you remember about 9-11?

Skippy-san remembers his 9-11, and asks others about their memories. Although the whole day seems graven in my memory, the most vivid moment for me was just one little vignette. I arrived at the office that day (on the West Coast, life went on and we kept moving), to see two maintenance men. One told the other what was happening, and the other kept saying, "Man, that's a dumb joke. Stop playing around." I said, "No, it's true. The Twin Towers are collapsed, thousands are dead, the Pentagon has collapsed, and another plane is missing [on which I later discovered a friend of mine died]." The disbeliever, finally believing, put his head in his hands and burst into tears. See also Scott's Conservative News and Commentary, which reminds us of the joy with which some parts of the world greeted the news. You should also check out Curt's excellent round up (and moving images) regarding 9-11. Unsurprisingly, Phibian also has a moving tribute.