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Monday, August 01, 2005

Getting terrorists off welfare

In a column about the British welfare kings who have been blowing up subways, Mark Steyn makes this point:

[A] law-enforcement approach to the war on terror -- the John Kerry approach -- can't work, not just because it's mostly reactive -- blow somewhere up, we'll seal it off, and detectives will investigate it as a crime scene -- but also because it involves entrusting the whole business to the state bureaucracy, and trusting them to improve scrutiny of immigration, entitlement to welfare and other matters within the purview of government. That snippet from the Times [identifying some of the bombers as dole recipients] makes clear the likelihood of that happening. A ''criminal'' approach gives terrorists all the rights of criminals, and between British and European -- and, indeed, American -- ''human rights,'' that's quite a bundle. If it's a war, you can take wartime measures. But, if you fight this thing as a law enforcement matter, Islamist welfare queens will use all the above to their full extent. So today imams living off welfare checks openly promote the murder of Tony Blair, British troops, etc., with impunity.