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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Why the Demos hate Bush so much

Don Quixote and I were talking about the fact that the Democratics aren't just opposed to Bush, they hate him with a bone deep passion. DQ asked, "Why such strong feelings?" I said it was because they feel that Bush stole the 2000 election -- but that doesn't explain what's going on after another 2004 election. Hendrick Hertzberg, in the New Yorker provides the answer: not only did Bush steal the 2000 election, he sneakily took advantage of 9/11. Thus, in the context of a story about the fact that, to Hertzberg's mind, Roberts' nomination is inevitable, he has this to say:

Roberts’s confirmation will be a bitter pill for Democrats, but it is a pill they have known since last November that they would have to swallow. Their bitterness is deepened by the conviction that Bush won the 2004 election in spite of his domestic policies, including his likely judicial choices; he won it because he was the post-9/11 incumbent, and he was the post-9/11 incumbent because, in 2000, the Court whose members he now appoints appointed him.
BTW, Hertzberg's op-ed is generally interesting, elegantly spelling out as it does the hopes and fears the Demos experience in connection with the Supreme Court nomination.