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Saturday, July 30, 2005

The blind men and the elephant

The day before yesterday, we are told, the Church of the Disciples of Christ demanded that Israel tear down its security fence, which has saved countless of Jewish women and children from being blown to smithereens. Twisting the words of Ronald Reagan, Minister William McDermet III of Panama, N.Y., shouted into the microphone to the assembled delegates, 'Say to Ariel Sharon, 'Tear down this wall!'' Well, the Rev. McDermet is either a fool or a demagogue, but I suspect the latter, since even a fool can distinguish between a defensive wall and a prison wall. It is difficult to imagine the towering heights of spiritual arrogance required for an American minister, living fat, dumb and happy 6,000 miles away from any danger, to demand that the people of Israel expose the lives of their children to endless terrorist assaults.
So begins an intelligent and moving article from The American Thinker about Anti-Zionist Christians. It's a worthwhile read. In regard to certain people's inability to understand the difference between a wall to imprison people and a wall to protect people from murderers, I'm reminded of the old poem about the blind men and the elephant.