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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why isn't the world exercised about this?

Not to denigrate London, but when it's the Jews' heads being served upon on a plate, nobody seems to care:

Police have released the names of the four victims of the Netanya terror attack. Yulia Witstein, 31, of Netanya, Nofer Horowitz, 16, of Tel Aviv, Rachel Ben-Abu, 16, of Tel Aviv, and Anya Lifshitz, 50, of Netanya. In total, more than 90 people were wounded in the attack. 41remain hospitalized.
In this regard, I'm reminded of the incredibly sad, funny James Bond spoof that Ace of Spades did (I blogged about it here). As part of the dialogue for a movie showing the wacky world in which James Bond must now operate, we have this moment, where Bond meets up with Q:
INT. Q'S LABORATORY-- DAY Chaos rules in Q's lab as his assistants test various prototype devices out. One device is a radio-controlled model airplane with a bomb attached beneath its body. It BUZZES past Bond's head, then crashes into a target-dummy, EXPLODING. Q Ah, 007! Just thought I'd buzz you. BOND Thank God someone is still the same! Will I be getting one of those? Q Ah, no, sorry. I've made that for someone else. BOND 009? Q No. The Palestinians. BOND What? Q Orders, you see. It's simply not fair that the Palestinians are to contend with high-tech American-supplied weaponry. Those guided missiles are taking out an awful lot of their terrorist leaders. So the UN has directed us to provide the Palestinians with lower-tech versions of that weaponry, to even the odds a bit. BOND So we're providing remote-controlled bombs to kill Israeli leaders? Q Of course not. The bomb's far too small. It's intended for use against children. (taking out a grenade) Now, this little device.... BOND Did you say "children"? Q Yes. What of it? BOND Children. You're designing weapons to kill children. Q Jewish children, Bond. Not, you know, proper children. Now, as I was saying, this little grenade packs an interesting munition. We call it Empathy Gas. When you pull the pin, it expells a cloud of psychotropic gas which elevates the empathy levels in the target. Making them sympathic to their opponents, nearly to the point of subservience. BOND Well that will come in handy. What's the range? Q Zero. BOND Zero? Q Well for God's sake, Bond, you can't use this on opponents! That would violate the Geneva Protocols Against The Use of Insidious Gasses. You're supposed to pull the pin and inhale the gas yourself. BOND What the hell would that accomplish? Q (sarcastically) Oh, nothing much at all, Bond. Just the little business of really understanding the historical grievances of your enemies.