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Thursday, July 14, 2005

File this one under "Who needs Democracy" in America -- Let's save it for Iraq

The Democrats are still working busily at painting conservatives as fat cat, back room operatives. It's apparent, though, that this characterization, with all the disdain for the ordinary voters, most closely describes the Democratic party. How else to explain this, which I quote in its entirety from Right Wing News:

Back in year 2000, California voters determined they wanted to ban same-sex marriages in the Golden State. And the margin on that referendum – Prop. 22 – predictably was razor thin (at least in liberal media parlance): 61.4-38.6. But modern-day Democrats never have been known to show too much regard for, well, you know, democracy. Despite that voter referendum to the contrary, liberal rim shots in the California state senate are moving on with a plan to legislate the recognition of same-sex marriages out here. And how, pray tell, are they reconciling their viewpoints with those of the Golden State’s stoo-pid voters? Check out this gem of a quote from liberal CaliforniaCrat, Gilbert Cedillo: “The people have spoken. They have spoken. But people aren’t always right.” Priceless, huh? Oh, well, if nothing else, perhaps the MediaCrats should try the following slogan for next year’s mid-terms: “Vote Democrat: Because You’re an Idiot and We Know Better.”
[The added emphasis is mine.] Clearly, Democracy as a political theory is an idea lost on the Democrats.