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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Demanding real truth in journalism

Sometimes it takes a really fine mind to reduce to a few clear sentences the problems permeating our MSM. Here's Paragraph Farmer, as part of a larger post about the free-wheeling use journalists make (or refuse to make) of loaded words, talking about the whole problem with modern journalists:

I'd rather journalists admit to having taken sides. Neutral and drive are not equivalent positions on the gearshift of life. Moreover, objectivity in journalism is a self-serving myth propagated by journalists themselves, even to their own detriment. Consider the hypothetical case of a news outlet staffed by ace reporters who strive to create 'balanced' stories. Were every story as fair as possible, that organization would be making the mistake of assigning moral equivalence where none exists. Beyond the hypothetically neutral language of the stories themselves, a world view would be visible in story selection-- what's deemed newsworthy and what isn't. Those who claim no biases are rudderless and compass-less rather than wise.