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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

David Limbaugh is absolutely right

David Limbaugh urges a spirit of open inquiry regarding Justice Robert's political philosophy, and I think he's right. The fact is, Roberts is not a raging lunatic, a Nazi, a former KKK'er, or anything heinous. He's a highly respected jurist who holds a view about how the law ought to be applied that is consistent both with traditional jurisprudence and with a vast body of current judicial thinking. There's nothing here that's embarrassing or that should be hidden, and I think we're making a mistake pretending that there is. Americans voted for Pres. Bush knowing that he promised to seek a strict constructionist for the Court, and they should see that he's keeping that promise. Certainly open and free hearings that will satisfy the American people's need to see the process in action won't change the vote. It will be pretty much along straight party lines regardless. There's always the possibility that an Arlen Specter or some other liberal in conservative's clothing will jump over the line, but that possibility exists whether the vote is based on Judge Robert's having the chance to talk about himself or whether it's based on the usual MoveOn calumny.