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Friday, July 22, 2005

British law enforcement showing some backbone

I'm not gloating at this man's death, especially if it proves he was some innocent, idiotic palooka, who just didn't stop. However, this story is a warning to would-be terrorists in Britain that at least some police officers haven't been so softened by PC multi-culti thought, they're still able to act tough if the situation so demands:

Earlier, police killed a suspected suicide bomber at a Tube station in south London. Armed officers opened fire on the suspect after he hurdled a ticket barrier and raced along a platform at Stockwell station. Police screamed at passengers to evacuate and are thought to have shot the suspect as he stumbled on to a train. Alarmed onlookers said they saw up to 10 plain-clothed officers chasing an Asian-looking man before opening fire. Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair said the shooting was 'directly linked' to ongoing anti-terrorist invetigations in the capital. He said the man had failed to comply with instructions from police before he was shot dead.
What I heard on the radio was that he was also dressed in clothes way too heavy for the London weather and, if I remember correctly, that he was carrying a backpack. Given those visible signs of his being up to no good, coupled with his dramatic effort to launch himself onto a train, I think the policemen's instincts look sound.