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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Don't throw out your Teflon cookware

If you've been reading lately, as I have, that Teflon cookware is dangerous, stop before you head for the garbage with your beloved cookware. Michael Fumento approaches the charges with facts and reasoned analysis, rather than a plaintiffs' lawyer's greed, and gives us good reason to stick to our non-stick cookware. UPDATE: One day after reading that my Teflon won't kill me or my family, I learn at the invaluable Independent Women's Forum that, until proven by time, most studies need to be taken with a grain, or a large dollop, of salt:

Are you fed up with learning one day that Vitamin E will cure everything from athlete’s foot to cancer only to find out the next day that it will cause you to have a massive stroke? You’re not alone--a new report indicates something very important about all those authoritative scientific studies: A third of them are...wrong. "New research highlights a frustrating fact about science: What was good for you yesterday frequently will turn out to be not so great tomorrow. "The sobering conclusion came in a review of major studies published in three influential medical journals between 1990 and 2003, including 45 highly publicized studies that initially claimed a drug or other treatment worked. "Subsequent research contradicted results of seven studies -- 16 percent -- and reported weaker results for seven others, an additional 16 percent. "That means nearly one-third of the original results did not hold up, according to the report in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association."
I don't know if this knews is a relief or distressing. I guess it depends which studies you want to avoid, and which you want to trumpet.