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Monday, June 27, 2005

More on the United Church of Christ's anti-Israel resolution

I posted earlier about steps you can take to protest the United Church of Christ's attack against Israel. A friend of mine sent the following letter to the leadership at the United Church of Christ:

Dear leaders of United Church of Christ, In the name of Christ it is imperative that you do not punish and stigmatize Israel for trying to survive. Israel is surrounded by neighbors who seek to wipe it off the face of the earth. Iran has recently threatened to destroy Israel with a nuclear bomb. Other neighbors, such as Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq have attacked Israel numerous times since her birth- with the goal of eradication of the Jewish state. Even today, these neighbors enjoy horrendous human rights records and their media are full of the most vicious and reprehensible anti-Semitic propaganda. See for direct translations from the Arab media. I encourage you to check out the political cartoons. Israel's Palestinian neighbors have legitimate grievances - that still does not justify blowing up huge numbers of Israeli civilians as they go about the actions of daily life. Only this past month on PA sponsored television a clergy referred to Jews as "monkeys and pigs" and urged the murder of Jews. (See transcripts at To boycott Israel and to not take into account this kind of hate, and the idealization of the suicide bomber is grossly unfair, even uninformed. Moreover, if you boycott Israel I suggest you also boycott China for its brutal occupation of Tibet, suppression of native religion, and its deplorable human rights record. You should also boycott India for keeping the "untouchable" caste as unprotected and discriminated against internal apartheid victims. It is time to boycott Russia for its very violent suppression of Chechen separatists. You should also consider boycotting countries that routinely employ torture and summary arrest. That would include nearly all the Islamic world and dozens of other countries as well. None of these countries are surrounded by neighbors who seek to wipe their country off the face of the earth because its an insult for dhimmi to have a state in "moslem" land. There are countless severe crimes committed by governments all over the world. You turn a blind eye to those and condemn only Israel. Why?