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Friday, May 06, 2005

Is this our culture?

If you click here, you should find yourself looking at a photo of two virtually naked young women rubbing up against each other. No, I'm not sending you to a porn site. Instead, this is from Yahoo! News' fashion pages and it shows two models "performing" at a fashion show. At least if it were at a porn site, children, in theory, would be prevented from accessing this image. As it is, there is nothing to prevent your sweet, innocent 10 year old from being exposed to this type of stuff. I just have to ask myself what kind of a culture it is that allows this type of hypersexualized imagery to be part of the common imagery surrounding us. No matter how good and natural sex is, there is a time, place, and age limit for everything. And to have two women simulating a sex act in a forum readily available to our children deeply disturbs me.