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Saturday, April 02, 2005

What's going on

I've been feeling a bit uninspired today, but others are not. I thought that, since Rich, of Beef Always Wins is still on temporary hiatus (but he promises his much-awaited return very soon), I'd take a leaf out of his book and catch up with other long-tail bloggers. Palm Tree Pundit, lucky woman, is basking in tropical sunshine, spring-cleaning, and reading interesting theological tracts. Laer, over at Cheat Seeking Missiles, is on fire. He's touched upon the Pope's passing, Terri Schiavo, European secularism and Islam, and much, much more. Wow! Chrenkoff is not a long-tail blogger, but I just had to drop in here his wonderful post about a liberal reporter attempting to see Iraq through a soldier's eyes. It would make great comedy if it weren't true. Gail, at Crossing the Rubicon, is talking about Shabbat, Terri Schiavo (lots of interesting posts on that subject), and the false Jenin massacre. Good stuff there. Over at Done With Mirrors, Callimachus offers us thoughts about past lives, his own review of some great posts by fellow-bloggers, and a wonderful travelogue from his recent vacation. GW, at Gee Dubya, hasn't let the UN drop from her radar, and she takes a clear-eyed look at the Democratic party's struggle to resuscitate itself. Phibian, at CDR Salamander promised a return today (April 2). Phibian, we're still waiting. Where are you? Okay, it's questionable whether Confederate Yankee, with over 100,000 hits to his name, is actually a long-tail or not, but I'm still going to include him in my what's going on. And what's going on over at the Confederate Yankee is some excellent links for the Pope, a clever riff on Hillary and Koranic prophecy, and some funny, snarky stuff about the light-fingered Sandy Berger. Not to knock the prolific single author blogs, but over at the Reform Club, where they have several contributors, it seems that you can read something on just about anything. Their blog covers Roger Ailes and Pat Sajak, the Pope and Terri Schiavo, the stock market, new types of writing (the fessay) -- it's all there, and admission is free. A Place To Talk About War gives us thoughtful posts on casualties of war, military misfires, the Minnesota shooting, and the practical lessons we can learn from Terri Schiavo's death. In addition to fascinating (although, I must admit, incredibly confusing) technical posts about computer code development, Bruce, at Galactic Patrol, also gives us some great social commentary about cigarette smoking and the little things that worry us -- a good reminder that a picture is worth a thousand words. Over at Suitable for Mixed Company, Kathryn writes a moving post about the Pope, touches on the way some people measure the value of a life, offers information about Papal elections, and generally has interesting, electic material to offer her visitors. Patrick, writing at The Paragraph Farmer, has an interesting series of posts about the Pope, about Catholic doctrine, about Papal elections, etc. He also has some interesting comments about John Kerry, euthanasia, and kids. As always, a good read. Steve, at Random Rants and Inquiries, visits the latest scary/weird child-rearing trend, looks into possible Supreme Court Chief Justices, gives a nod to Bobby Fischer, and offers some amusing haiku. If you toddle over to Scott's Conservative News & Commentary, you'll find quotations from great minds old and new (amazing how fresh even the old ones still sound when paired with current events), information about happenings in Taiwan, and good news from Iraq. Hoooo-rah! The guys at Brain Droppings have pithy posts (and even pithier photo montages) about Terry Nichols, events in China, the outrageous Sandy Berger hand-slap, and the, ahem, shocking news that college campuses lean to the liberal. Heather, writing over at From the Word Go, gives five excellent reasons why secularists should also have been opposed to the Terri Schiavo death sentence, and has a LOL funny quotation that manages to riff unoffensively off the circus surrounding Terri's death. And lastly, if you click on over to News Snipet 'Blog, you can read a long, thought-provoking attempt to deal with the challenges Terri's death brings a society, liberal bloggers missing-in-action, and Sandy Berger.