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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Some wisdom about energy matters out of a New York Times columnist

Nicholas Kristoff finally states the obvious (something so obvious even the cheese eating surrender monkeys had already figured it out) -- nuclear power is the future:

It's increasingly clear that the biggest environmental threat we face is actually global warming, and that leads to a corollary: nuclear energy is green. Nuclear power, in contrast with other sources, produces no greenhouse gases. So President Bush's overall environmental policy gives me the shivers, but he's right to push ahead for nuclear energy. There haven't been any successful orders for new nuclear plants since 1973, but several proposals for new plants are now moving ahead - and that's good for the world we live in.
Regarding the obligatory Bush-bashing thrown into the above quotation, I'm beginning to think its an employment requirement at the NY Times. You know -- one of the questions on the job application form is "Do you solemnly swear to bash Bush at every opportunity, even if the bashing is unrelated to the topic about which you are writing?"