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Monday, April 25, 2005

More on the British Nazis

Melanie Phillips's words practically melted my computer screen they were so fiery and impassioned about the Orwellian, facist restrictions the association of university teachers in England is imposing against Jewish and Israeli scholars. You should read the whole thing, but I include a select quotation here:

the whole premise of the motion is a truly monstrous lie about who is the aggressor and who the victim in the Middle East, with Israel being wickedly blamed for having the temerity to defend itself against annihilation and genocide. Susan Blackwell, the Birmingham university lecturer (described in David Aaronovitch’s Observer column as a former Christian turned revolutionary socialist) who co-wrote the motion, said the union was ‘standing up for human rights’. What is so terrifying is that, in stamping on the human right to life of the Israelis, she probably sincerely believes this Orwellian inversion of the truth. And these people are teaching our young. The universities are supposed to be the custodians of truth. But these people are systematically purveying a set of big lies. Thus Rose claimed that Israel was becoming an ‘apartheid state’. This is, of course, demonstrably ludicrous. Israeli Arabs have equal rights in Israel — they can vote, they have members of the Knesset, they can serve in the army and as judges and so on. And if he means the Palestinians in the territories, they are not part of Israel. So the charge of ‘apartheid’ (which, apart from anything else, trivialises what actually happened in South Africa) is nothing other than a wicked slander. Like Shereen Benjamin, the other co-author of this motion, Rose is himself a Jew. As I have observed before, the role of Jews in the demonisation of Israel betrays a vicious psychopathology. For this process is deeply racist and anti-Jewish, and the fact that some of its proponents are Jews does not make it less so. It not only subjects Israel to a process of demonisation and delegitimisation based on lies and libels but does so obsessively and disproportionately. It singles out Israel for opprobrium and worse while ignoring the multitudinous tyrannies and autocracies where intellectual freedom really is stifled, but where no boycotts are ever proposed. It is deeply racist, denying to the Jews alone the freedom to be a nation in their historic homeland, lawfully constituted by the world.
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