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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Has anyone here voluntarily read Mark Levin's Men in Black?

Yesterday, I did a post, commenting on what I perceived as a very funny Slate book review about Mark Levin's book, Men in Black. The reviewer basically opened her review by completely denigrating the purchasers who had assisted the book's climb up the New York Times' Bestsellers chart -- in her view, if the right people didn't read, review and approve of a book, it didn't exist. Reader David R. Mark, whose homepage is here, left a comment on that post in which he stated that Regnery, the book's publisher has a bad reputation for publishing polemics, rather than genuinely scholarly books. He also said that the book isn't actually being bought by readers but, rather, is being bought by large conservative organizations that use the books as free handouts. Mr. Mark's comments got me thinking -- Who is reading this book? If you've read Men in Black, could you please leave me a comment, letting me know? I know this is the ultimate in unscientific polls, but I am curious to know whether anyone is out there reading the thing, or whether this is more akin to the Scientologists who compulsively buy L. Ron Hubbard's books, ensuring that they always look as if they're actually being read.