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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What are we? Chopped liver?

David Limbaugh links to a Slate review that I found very amusing, at least as to the first paragraph. Here's how it begins:

If a book lands on the best-seller list and nobody hears it, did it really happen? Mark R. Levin's Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America was ranked eighth on the New York Times list this week; it's been on that list for six weeks now, and seems to be leaping off the bookshelves, despite the fact that it concerns constitutional law and the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet it has been reviewed virtually no place and written up by almost no one. True, Charles Lane did a piece about it in the Washington Post a few days ago; he noted that absolutely nobody who writes, talks, or thinks about the high court has even read it. It's selling, it seems, almost entirely due to endorsements by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News.
Now, I haven't read Mark Levin's book, so am not qualified to comment on it. Mark Levin's rebuttal to the Slate review is here, at David Limbaugh's website, and his rebuttal sounds more intelligent than the review, but that still doesn't mean anything one way or another. What I found so amusing, and the reason I link to the Slate review, is the incredible premise that underlies it: despite the fact that Mr. Levin's book is flying off the shelves, it has no real existence since the MSM hasn't put its stamp of approval on it. And here, the stamp of approval is being withheld, so the book simply doesn't -- or shouldn't -- count. Clearly, people in the Red states, or people who hold common cause with the Red states, cannot be trusted to seek knowledge, understand political writings, or hold political opinions. Next thing Slate will be suggesting is that people have to take some sort of test before voting. Wait, wait! Hasn't that been done before? I'm thinking, maybe, the Jim Crow South? UPDATE: If you're here because of the trackback link I left on David Limbaugh's website, welcome. Please feel free to visit the rest of my blog, and leave your comments as you go.