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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Demos' bee-in-the-bonnet about Bush "the ultimate bad guy"

From Jay Nordlinger’s Impromptus:

I quoted a very famous and influential editor, Michael Kinsley. He said, “Every time George W. Bush hears ‘Hail to the Chief,’ the odds go up that some unsuspecting country is going to find itself getting democratized — with all the violence, anarchy, foreign occupation, arbitrary arrests, torture of prisoners, suppression of dissent, and random deaths that word has come to imply.” I thought of that when news came that further mass graves had been discovered, in southern Iraq. Those graves contain the remains of about 5,000 Iraqis — you know, those happy kite-fliers depicted in Michael Moore’s movie. All told, Iraqis, Americans, and their allies have found some 290 graves, enclosing about 300,000 corpses. You may wish to remember those corpses next time someone like Michael Kinsley tells you what he thinks of George W. Bush’s foreign policy.