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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Women in the news

One of my favorite writers on women's issues, Christina Hoff Sommers, weighs in here with an article describing the hard-line academic feminists who are in the intellectual vanguard of the attack against Larry Summers for daring to posit that women's and men's brains are different. Funnily enough, just the other day Maureen Dowd, who was one of the screechiest voices on the "let's get Summers" bandwagon, wrote a column trumpeting the recent scientific announcement that women are indeed different, since the are genetically more complex than men. She did throw in a line about the fact that this latest research might go some way to explain Summer's remark, but she didn't have the grace to develop that theme. Apparently, "different" applies only to women if it can be coupled with "better" (and apparently, contrary to Occam's Razor, complex is better). Read both Sommers and Dowd. It's interesting to see the two side by side. I know which one I'd put my trust in.