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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

From a man who pays attention to words

I never thought, years ago, that Pat Sajak would write something that I not only agree with, but that I think is stated with elegance and clarity. Just shows how those biases and prejudices can affect what we do. Here's just a part of Sajak's take on how the press's biases affect everything we read:

I have a little hobby of collecting these examples of subtle bias, and they are very easy to find. The problem is that you appear to be nit-picking when you point them out; however, these kinds of ingrained prejudices are endemic. One Senator merely states a fact, while the Conservative Senator "claims" something. Unnecessary and prejudicial adjectives are used with abandon, usually to the detriment of the more Conservative side. Alarming statistics about global warming, spousal abuse, homelessness or dozens of other issues are given without challenge if they come from activists. The challenge comes only when those issues are discussed from a more Conservative point of view. ("Conservative Senator Smith claimed homelessness is dropping, but the Center for Homelessness reports…")
This same clearsightedness imbues his article, so you may want to take time to read the whole thing.